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20 дней назад
슬리피(SLEEPY) - 맘대로 M/V
28 дней назад
Месяц назад
[찰떡B.A.P] 'PARTY BABY!' 연습현장
5 месяцев назад
[찰떡B.A.P] 찰떡 대란
6 месяцев назад
B.A.P - WAKE ME UP M/V Making Film
7 месяцев назад
7 месяцев назад
B.A.P - WAKE ME UP M/V Trailer ver.2
7 месяцев назад
B.A.P - WAKE ME UP M/V Trailer ver.1
7 месяцев назад
8 месяцев назад
소나무(SONAMOO) 2주년 기념 영상
9 месяцев назад
B.A.P - 2016 Christmas Message
9 месяцев назад
슬리피(SLEEPY) - Oh Yeah M/V
10 месяцев назад
B.A.P - SKYDIVE M/V Director's Cut
10 месяцев назад
11 месяцев назад
B.A.P - SKYDIVE M/V Trailer
11 месяцев назад
B.A.P - That's My Jam M/V
Год назад

Комментарии: 193

  • BlackShoes_NJT
    BlackShoes_NJT День назад

    SONAMOO HAPPY BOX Project 2???

  • Estefi Kpoper
    Estefi Kpoper 6 дней назад

    Please do a variety program with #BAP and #TRCNG!!!! 제발~🙏🙏😭

  • Estefi Kpoper
    Estefi Kpoper 6 дней назад

    Please do a variety program with #BAP and #TRCNG!!!! 제발~🙏🙏😭

  • Estefi Kpoper
    Estefi Kpoper 6 дней назад

    Please do a variety program with #BAP and #TRCNG!!!! 제발~🙏🙏😭

  • Estefi Kpoper
    Estefi Kpoper 6 дней назад

    Please do a variety program with #BAP and #TRCNG!!!! 제발~🙏🙏😭

  • B BB
    B BB 9 дней назад

    Verify this Youtube channel

  • B BB
    B BB 9 дней назад

    Verify this Youtube channel

  • B BB
    B BB 9 дней назад

    Please verify this channel for all of your artists sake

  • B BB
    B BB 9 дней назад

    Verify this Youtube channel

  • Sweet_ Babyz
    Sweet_ Babyz 9 дней назад

    TS can you please start to put ENGLISH SUBSTITLES on B.A.P's videos for INTERNATIONALS FANS. PLEASE !!!!!!.
    i'm a really tired to write about it. i hope you will read my message. thank you

  • Dany Masabet
    Dany Masabet 17 дней назад

    Me enteré por primera vez del trío musical surcoreano Secret (시크릿) como a inicio o de este año o a finales del año pasado o a mediado de este año a través de esta página creo dramafever.com/es/song-ji-eun/actor/3726/ que es donde me enteré que la actriz y la cantante Song Ji-Eun es miembro de este trío musical.

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 19 дней назад

    Verify your YouTube Channel

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 19 дней назад

    Verify your YouTube Channel

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 19 дней назад

    Verify your YouTube Channel

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 19 дней назад

    Verify your YouTube Channel

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 19 дней назад

    Hey TS could you Verify you YouTube Channel

  • 987 654
    987 654 21 день назад

    Please verify this channel

  • 987 654
    987 654 Месяц назад

    I suggest that TS Entertainment verify this Youtube channel. Businesses, brands, celebrities and even little-known Youtubers do that all around the world. It seems as a measure of trust and professionalism to viewers and market. Also unverified channels may be obliged to deal with problems about view counters. Many times, we witnessed that view counter of your videos has freezed. I wish you consider this suggesion of fans as earliest as possible to protect the rights of TS Entertainment on Youtube.

  • Sakatoya
    Sakatoya Месяц назад

    Do your work properly already TS!

  • stAN BAp
    stAN BAp Месяц назад

    If I hear shit about B.A.P being inactive during banghim enlistment, I will not take it lightly maybe you should learn this word called "Subunits"

  • stAN BAp
    stAN BAp Месяц назад

    Can yall get your shit together

  • Estefi Kpoper
    Estefi Kpoper Месяц назад

    B.A.P FIGHTING!! 사랑해요~🐰💕❤️

  • Estefi Kpoper
    Estefi Kpoper Месяц назад

    Please do a variety program with B.A.P and the new guys from the company 제발~🙏🙏😭 #BAP🐰💕 #BABY

  • Neliah Njeri
    Neliah Njeri 2 месяца назад

    Please bring B.A.P songs back to spotify and itunes for International fans to listen:)

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 2 месяца назад

    Also could you be a little more prepared for bap's comeback this time and put lots of tags for people to find there mv better? You know so the majority don't go to the 1thek channel. Wake me up is impossible to find in a search.

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 2 месяца назад

    Could you please put subtitles on your videos? Your artists have a lot of international fans.

  • BlackShoes_NJT
    BlackShoes_NJT 3 месяца назад

    Please let Sonamoo have a comeback :(

  • pointag1
    pointag1 4 месяца назад

    해외투어를 돌릴거면 영어자막이라도 좀 달아주세요.

  • Sarah54474
    Sarah54474 5 месяцев назад

    Hi, Sorry to say that, but Warrior from B.A.P was claimed by an unknow entertainment group ! The song isn't his, why does he claims it and shuts it for people to see it ? We cannot see it at all know ! Can you please look at that please ? It's so sad not to be able to see their debut again TT-TT Hope you don't have other video like this, because I don't understand ...

  • Paul Sonny Kim
    Paul Sonny Kim 6 месяцев назад

    페북에 메시지 올렸는데, Tell Me 영어판의 가사를 보고 실망했어요. 좀 더 똑똑한 영어 가사를 제공 못했을가요? 곡은 참 좋고 영어판을 시도한것은 참 좋은 일이라 생각했기에 안타까움도 그만큼 큽니다. 아직 세계에 팬들이 많은 시크릿을 민망하게 만들지 마세요! 다음 컴백 진짜 기대하고 있어요!

  • Paul Sonny Kim
    Paul Sonny Kim 6 месяцев назад

    시크릿의 동영상 어서 올려주세요. 효성의 Dangerous 도 지은이의 Tell Me 도 왜 TS서 뮤비가 안나오죠?
    효성, 지은 둘이 기습적으로 신곡 발표했으니 이젠 하나양 하나만 남았죠? 기대할게요!
    그 후는 셋의 솔로 곡을 동시수록한 시크릿 컴백 앨범이 나오길 예상하고있어요! 일본에서 좋은 소식 기다려요!

  • Agentxile
    Agentxile 6 месяцев назад

    I will endeavor to bring a lot for B.A.P., it is the first male group that I felt a kinship towards. All I ask is when the group becomes more popular that you won't forget the hard work the we and I have put into B.A.P.

  • Blabre channel
    Blabre channel 6 месяцев назад

    PLEASE READ THIS! I think that SONAMOO should try again with concept like Deja Vu was because cute girl group concepts is already way to much of them and anyway in cute concepts are leading some groups like TWICE, Gfriend also Pristin got a lot of love and group like IOI before disband and so on but bad ass concept girl groups are rare especially now when 2ne1 and 4MINUTE disbanded, I think now can girl groups take opportunity with bad ass concepts, look for example CLC before Hobgoblin they were not very known but now with their new concepts they got a lot of recognition and a lot more fans than before. Please TS entertainment, make next debut bad ass one like Deja Vu was. I believe that than this girls will finally get proper recognition.

  • Apriliya Wahyu Putri
    Apriliya Wahyu Putri 7 месяцев назад

    wake me up - - -

  • agus henes
    agus henes 7 месяцев назад

    wake me up. please

  • Apriliya Wahyu Putri
    Apriliya Wahyu Putri 7 месяцев назад

    Wake me up -

  • Ildira Peterson
    Ildira Peterson 7 месяцев назад

    The only problem I have with TS Entertainment is why BAP's Music Videos are not released on I-Tunes to purchase? I have all BAP albums purchased through my I-Tunes, and Feel So Good, & That's My Jam Music Videos only. Why TS Entertainment don't release all of BAP's videos for their fans to purchase? I'm so proud of My BAP Group. I have respect, love, and admiration for their hard work. Never change for anyone, keep smiling and being yourself to help promote to good things your heart still has to share with us. Fighting! BAP Is My Strength, Support, & Life. Thank You, BYG, HC, DH, JY, JU, and Zelo.....

  • Ildira Peterson
    Ildira Peterson 7 месяцев назад

    I support BAP 100% ever since their rookie days and debut. They are my No.1 K-Pop Group I make my priority. I understand 3-yrs-ago BAP had to file a lawsuit for personal reasons. After approximately 12 months they returned to TS Entertainment as 6 members once again. I understand BABY's are upset with their upcoming tour, and believe its unfair for BAP members. However, I support BAP 100%, and understand this is BAP's job. If they don't perform they don't get paid. Who are we to request a boycott on BAP's Concert Tour? Please understand it takes approximately 6 months to a year to book venues. They also have to make sure each members VISA, & Passport are updated to travel to an International Country. They also have to get a Permit to use the facilities 6 to 8 months in advance just in the USA for approval. They need to medically fit to travel outside the Country also by having medical checkups. There are many things behind the scenes that TS Entertainment takes care of for BAP to succeed in getting their Tours, Concerts, Venues, Public appearances for their fans. Who are we to take away BAP's trust, and hard work away from them after coming back. We need to understand this is their job. Even though as fans we may feel their health is important, they also need to work hard be in the TOP 5 in Asia, Korea, and Internationally, and Worldwide. We as BAP Fans, and BABY's must not make BAP lose our Trust, and Love for their Music, and Entertainment. We must support BAP 100%, and help them regain the Throne they so well deserve. BAP IS FAMILY! I'm a BABY FOR LIFE FOREVER! Let's help promote our BAP Members ourselves instead of giving them a heartache. BAP put their trust in TS Entertainment to comeback, why can't we as BABY's trust their decision as well. If there should be a situation within our members I'm sure BAP will speak up once again. As for now let's support our BAP Members 100%! They have been WITH YOU FOREVER!

  • libeika DH
    libeika DH 8 месяцев назад

    #bap_2017월드투어_반대 #BAP_2017해외투어_반대 #TS_피드백_요청 #어디니_뭐하니_피드백

    PLEASE promote BAP properly. you've done them wrong enough.

  • libeika DH
    libeika DH 8 месяцев назад

    why don't you upload the dance versions for BAP's songs???????? >:(

    VIPB2ANBY 8 месяцев назад

    Amo a B.A.P pero me siento muy estafada por ustedes. Hace más de 3 años anunciaron que b.a.p vendria a PERU pero lo cancelaron por sus problemas legales. Aca quedaron muchas babys decepcionas pero sobre todo ESTAFADAS! Son más de 3 años que no estan estafando sin devolvernos ni un solo sol. Yo creo que ya explotaron suficiente a sus grupos como para pagarnos. Asi que porfavor consideren que no solo tienen fans en corea si no tambien en latinoamerica las cuales fueron estafadas por ustedes.

  • Saiyidatul Izzah
    Saiyidatul Izzah 8 месяцев назад

    There's already 4 hashtags about their upcoming world tour. Babys don't even want it and even HATE IT, CAMPAIGNING FOR IT TO BE CANCEL. Why you just ignore them all???? B.A.P is not your slaves kay? They are humans too. And we, international fans don't even requesting them to go for a world tour and meet us every year. You know what? Koreans Babys are already decreasing. And they're more important to let B.A.P win various awards. So please promote B.A.P more in Korea. We Babys had matured enough after what happened in 2014 and we don't want the same thing to repeat. And we wouldn't risk B.A.P to face another things as lawsuit anymore.

    Please hear us. They deserves better living instead of being your puppets to fill your own pocket.

    #bap_2017월드투어_반대 #BAP_2017해외투어_반대 #TS_피드백_요청 #어디니_뭐하니_피드백

  • DAEJAEmatoki loveB.A.P
    DAEJAEmatoki loveB.A.P 8 месяцев назад


  • Kratae Kpop
    Kratae Kpop 8 месяцев назад

    You too quiet. B.A.P T.T

  • soma chance
    soma chance 9 месяцев назад

    이번에 나온 반하나도 너무 너무 좋고요 저번에 나온 이별을 손가락으로 하니 도 너무 너무 좋아요 이런 가수분 더 많이 많이 홍보해주셔서 더 많은 분들이 알아주셨으면 좋겠어요 딸기맛 체리 파이팅!

  • Esther Huh
    Esther Huh 9 месяцев назад

    15 min

  • Esther Huh
    Esther Huh 9 месяцев назад

    actor to america sing to

  • Esther Huh
    Esther Huh 9 месяцев назад

    to youtube

  • Esther Huh
    Esther Huh 9 месяцев назад

    name related channels

  • Esther Huh
    Esther Huh 9 месяцев назад

    add music 15 min

  • Esther Huh
    Esther Huh 9 месяцев назад

    jyp enterment

  • Esther Huh
    Esther Huh 9 месяцев назад

    add music

  • Esther Huh
    Esther Huh 9 месяцев назад

    see subscribe

  • Esther Huh
    Esther Huh 9 месяцев назад

    all the kpop still online

  • Esther Huh
    Esther Huh 9 месяцев назад


  • Esther Huh
    Esther Huh 9 месяцев назад


  • Yasyin LIU
    Yasyin LIU 10 месяцев назад

    B.A.P's old style is truly my favourite. Take care of Daehyun. He has the most amazing voice that I've ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yasyin LIU
      Yasyin LIU 10 месяцев назад

      waiting for their next world tour!!!!

  • K-popalicious
    K-popalicious 11 месяцев назад

    Is Secret disbanding?

  • pointag1
    pointag1 11 месяцев назад

    B.A.P 채널을 만드세요. 뮤비 보기가 이렇게 힘들어서... 몇 번의 클릭을 해야 합니까?

  • Reni Pelyhe
    Reni Pelyhe 11 месяцев назад


  • chigujeongbok
    chigujeongbok 11 месяцев назад

    Please feature B.A.P's trailer for Skydive on the TSENT2008 channel! It needs to get more views.

  • kpop forever
    kpop forever 11 месяцев назад

    Please promote B.A.P more! And have more tags on your video so babyz don't go to 1thek.

    • libeika DH
      libeika DH 8 месяцев назад

      yes this. TS is TERRIBLE. youtube is so huge now and sooooo many people are using it and theyre still NOT capitalising on it. what did BAP do to deserve this?!??

      just take BTS for instance, they used the youtube angle so well that theyre in the millions of fans rn. WHY TS WHY.

  • chigujeongbok
    chigujeongbok Год назад

    Please put That's My Jam on Spotify!

  • R J
    R J Год назад

    Secret comeback please! I miss them

  • Beyza
    Beyza Год назад


  • chigujeongbok
    chigujeongbok Год назад

    Dear TS Entertainment,

    You should consider putting B.A.P's Korean songs on Spotify. Almost every major Kpop group out there has songs on Spotify and it will help B.A.P gain more international fans, which they really need because sadly a lot of them have left the fandom during their hiatus. King Records, their Japanese label, has already put their ENTIRE Japanese album on Spotify and I suggest you do the same to help B.A.P gain new fans. It's the least you can do after putting B.A.P through so much.


    A dedicated BABY

  • R J
    R J Год назад

    please, Secret !!! they are amazing !!! comeback please

  • lana fries
    lana fries Год назад

    Hi, I am a French babyz and I wonder if B.A.P come do a concert in France. Please, answer me because I would love them to come. B.A.P come in French please, I love you, and I love your mini album Carnival (sorry for my english language)

  • lee ji alexa Ji
    lee ji alexa Ji Год назад

    bap este ce mai tare trupa din coreea hai bap love

  • Tiny Teeny
    Tiny Teeny Год назад

    I need SECRET comeback!

  • Wonho's Ramyun
    Wonho's Ramyun Год назад

    Why can't you upload those teaser not at the same time on V app and on Youtube??? Not all people can watch it on the app and so people will upload it and there goes the views, that is just stupid again, you do it wrong again!!

  • ST24
    ST24 Год назад

    You better treat B.A.P with the respect and love and care they truly deserve. The fans won't tolerate this a second time.

  • hayne plane
    hayne plane Год назад

    bap is about to kill me with this comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gj ts im glad that u made the right decision and gave our boyz back to the fans, thankyou very much and I will continue to giv my support not only to bap but other groups in ur industry. thankyou ts :)

  • Raquel Chaveiro
    Raquel Chaveiro Год назад

    Please I beg you all have B.A.P comeback already! I no we miss them, dont you think you guys already had enough with all the B.A.P members crying and the fans too? And you guys hurting them I honestly think B.A.P shouldnt have made a contract with TS again they should have gone to another company, I we wouldnt like it but we would know that they really will never go through all that again for sure. And if TS tries anything funny again I will fill out the police report myself against you guys. And I am not crazy and I am just a fan who is tired of seeing my idols suffer. And tired of crying so much missing them..... FIGHTING B.A.P BABYS ARE WAITING YOU GUYS WITH LOTS OF LOVE.

  • MakenMusaa
    MakenMusaa 2 года назад

    haha people seem to be pretty mad :D TS will just release some new BAP stuff and everyone will calm down and forget about this crap 8]

  • Bryan Johnson
    Bryan Johnson 2 года назад

    TS you need to save Afterschool from Pledis.  Awesome group so under ratted because they have been suck with poorly run Pledis.  

  • Melike Akıncı
    Melike Akıncı 2 года назад

    critics not care "here we are true fans" Do not hurt yourself "you six brothers "  fighting

  • Melike Akıncı
    Melike Akıncı 2 года назад


  • Tiny Teeny
    Tiny Teeny 2 года назад

    ya ts when is Secret comeback?

  • sweety
    sweety 2 года назад


  • kookevt
    kookevt 2 года назад

    Since that B.A.P is back with you now, you need to treat them with more respect and GIVE US A COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You ._.
      You ._. 2 года назад

      yes! i agree

  • chittaphon ten
    chittaphon ten 2 года назад

    I hope you know that even if B.A.P is back with you now, we will not forget what you did and how you acted towards them when they didn't deserve to be treated like that. I hope you know that B.A.P members are great individuals and that you should treat them right from now on. Just remember and think of all the pain they, their parents and us fans went through. 

  • Tiny Teeny
    Tiny Teeny 2 года назад

    Good to hear that Bap is back, SECRET FAN also support and love bap....XD

  • Abbi Morgan
    Abbi Morgan 2 года назад


  • KoLi-Song
    KoLi-Song 2 года назад

    Shame on this company. You could at least give B.A.P what they want for all the hard work they do. While they're risking their health, all you company creatures do is sit by and do nothing. B.A.P was your best group, and no other group will bring you out of the dark like they have.

  • いただきます
    いただきます 2 года назад

    Please TS, B.A.P needs freedom now.

  • Nina Hase
    Nina Hase 2 года назад

    To be honest, I won't insult or bad-mouth you Team
    Of TS-ENT. Because it won't let you to listen to me. Or to >>Us<<
    Please.. We as the fans of B.A.P ask you to bring them back. We miss them a lot. It's not because they are handsome or of their dancings. It's because the music and them as people. Even though they don't know me, i know that they love their fans a lot. And we do as well! We as their fans and supporters! B.A.P is with Exo, BTS and block B one of the most known and most famous kpop boy groups.. Please bring them back and listen to us.. You'll win even more when you let them to perform together and ALL together. If one of them would leave, a lot of complications will appear.
    1. Many fans will leave and stop support for the disappointment.
    2. B.A.P won't be as popular as before.
    3. All would be very unhappy.

    Just once, instead of thinking of yourself, think of B.A.P

    We're all humans and we all have feelings and desires. Don't break their dream because of yourselves. Please have a heart. Have understandings. And instead of only saying
    "No", try to find compromises and solutions, where both sides would be happy and satisfied.
    I hope you will read this... And
    My name is Lina.
    I hope you'll also read it B.A.P.
    Good luck!

  • Ely Bang #BAP
    Ely Bang #BAP 2 года назад


  • Wonho's Ramyun
    Wonho's Ramyun 2 года назад

    TS you coward. Seriously, WTF is wrong with you??

  • Wonho's Ramyun
    Wonho's Ramyun 2 года назад

    Do the right thing, for once. Let them go and let them find someone who truly cares about them as humans unlike you, you just cared for the money. Let them go and achieve their dreams and let them do what they love without getting sick, sad and overworked. Why didn't you take care of them? You are the worst! #FOREVERWITHBAP   #ONLYTRUSTBAP #BAP #BAPFOREVER  
    You lost one of the most amazing groups. You lost 2 amazing rappers, you lost 2 perfect vocals, you lost 2 great dancers and also one of the most beautiful faces in kpop. All you cared was the money, you should adore them, protect them, love them, but instead you used them as money-machine and you dare to even blame them. Karma will get you!

  • Andrea Letona
    Andrea Letona 2 года назад

    NO BAP?! No TS I hate you! 

  • αzυкι иєяυ
    αzυкι иєяυ 2 года назад

    TS is gonna go bankrupt without B.A.P. You have a lousy 500,000 subscribers now.

  • not ok
    not ok 2 года назад

    I just have one thing to say:

    It's nothing because you're worth nothing. TS Entertainment is forever dead to me and I have NEVER, EVER, been so disappointed my entire life - coming from a person who's had a very disappointing life. CEO, go use the money you embezzled from BAP for bleach to clean your fucking tar-black and despicable soul. I despise the likes of you. 

  • Bangjoseph21 B.A.P
    Bangjoseph21 B.A.P 2 года назад

    Bang yongguk (방용국) - AM 4:44

  • Ho_ xxletter
    Ho_ xxletter 2 года назад

    i miss BAP !!!!

  • Bruna Filipa
    Bruna Filipa 2 года назад

    What you did to B.A.P was wrong. All their fans are mad, sad.....
    We don´t see them at ages, you are monsters! I wish B.A.P get the best for them and the worst for you. I don't really need to say anything else. All this comments you have here are enough.

  • asmaa elkalai
    asmaa elkalai 2 года назад

    You were the best company for me i m very disappointed i love secret and sonamoo i i miss my BAP it really hurts i hope that you pay for your did !! ‪#‎JusticeForBAP‬ 

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda 2 года назад

    Monstruos. No hay otro nombre con el que llamaros, aprovechados y manipuladores podíamos añadir. Aun sigo sin poder creer que B.A.P haya sufrido todo eso por culpa de buitres como vosotros. ¿Realmente sois humanos? #unfollowTS #foreverwithbap 
    No dejemos que lo que esta agencia ha hecho a los chicos de B.A.P se olvide. Espero que no queden impunes. 

  • veronicaESP
    veronicaESP 2 года назад


  • DarkPinayLover
    DarkPinayLover 2 года назад

    SECRET is a super-group. Every member is 100% amazing!

  • Faeytynn Zayn
    Faeytynn Zayn 2 года назад

    there's no BAP Valentine's Day Messages :(

  • Sammy Kimlee
    Sammy Kimlee 2 года назад

    TS - You let B.A.P, their family, friends and fans down.  You should be shamed of yourself,...thought SM was bad....what B.A.P had was a Slave contract.  The President of TS and all of the management, you embarassed yourself on world stage Big Time!!. You made them work on 5 continents this year without a break...and kept them performing in Japan continually.  There's a limit to working hard...and there's fair and just compensation of which you know nothing about.  I will pray for B.A.P.   Please take their name off your website....you don't deserve to associate with them.  SHAME - SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • Demi1DVioletta〈3
    Demi1DVioletta〈3 2 года назад

    Luhan and Kris !!!! :((

    • Queen of Dab
      Queen of Dab 2 года назад

      i miss them so much and now tao 
      sorry for the late reply

  • SLMYGALAXY OfficialYoutubeChannel
    SLMYGALAXY OfficialYoutubeChannel 2 года назад

    Dear TS entertainment I wish you could Make a Music video for everlasting Love Kamsahamnida .

  • Annie T
    Annie T 2 года назад

    You lost 2 outstanding rappers, you lost 2 powerful vocalists and you lost 2 amazing dancers. You only had one thing to do and that was to keep them healthy and happy. They deserve better. 

  • the.zmbart
    the.zmbart 2 года назад

    I Miss B.A.P 

    Babyz Thai  want B.A.P 

    • Wonho's Ramyun
      Wonho's Ramyun 2 года назад

      You know that this is pretty useless, since B.A.P filed a lawsuit against TS right? B.A.P will probably not comeback with TS. So if you miss them, go to there twitter or instgram-Acc and write it there not here.

  • Ja Seo
    Ja Seo 2 года назад

    Kisses to B.A.P and a kick in the teeth to ts

  • Sasirin Boonyoprakarn
    Sasirin Boonyoprakarn 2 года назад

    Bad partner, you don't know anythings?
    ีัyou should know what all babies feel. B.A.P makes this partner famous for a long time. please Renewable Obligation them.

  • Cindy Tang
    Cindy Tang 2 года назад

    This company is the worst. 

  • Tran Jonny
    Tran Jonny 2 года назад

    OSite: bestviralsocial.com == Have many package services for your channel ! Good Jobs for you !AI

  • Ely Bang #BAP
    Ely Bang #BAP 2 года назад

    Ex dear TS, you're such a great company at finding talented people, but you're lacking, you need to learn in how to treat your artists. You'll never find someone like B.A.P ever again, all B.A.P's members are so talented, and so passionate to their job and you didn't appreciate it.
    TS you thought that B.A.P were Oranges from your pine tree, you squeezed all their juice and then you drank it all and you only gave to B.A.P the shell and the seeds.
    But you know what TS? the seeds will grow up stronger than ever, and their own tears will make them bloom.

  • bellalily
    bellalily 2 года назад

    This message is for Kim Tae-song and the TS ent staff who mistreated BAP by blindly following the orders of this greedy, heartless, shameless man, Kim Tae-song. How could you treat BAP in such manner?? You made us, Babyz, believed that you were a family but the truth was you were far from it.  You made us believed that BAP wanted their murderous schedule because they wanted to fulfill their dreams but the reality was they were begging you for rest.  Even their family begged and begged you for rest. In the end BAP was given pretend rest. Do you mock BAP and  their fans Kim Tae-song?? Do you even feel regret for how you treated these young men??? Their family gave their trust and you just threw that away like nothing. Well? are you happy with that money you got from BAP's blood and sweat??  There is no honor in you. This is the first time im hating really hating someone without meeting them in person. Congratulations, Kim Tae-song, you are that someone!  I really pray that you will realize what you have done and make amends. #JusticeForBAP #ForeverWithBAP

  • nomemisykes
    nomemisykes 2 года назад

    Si ya B.A.P no trabaja para vosotros (con razón), no merece la pena ni vuestro canal ni vuestros grupos. Os deseo la ruina de la empresa por habernos dejado sin B.A.P, explotadores. Saludos 

  • LuminousLilith
    LuminousLilith 2 года назад

    Dear God in the Heavens! My Heart has been ripped out! Words fail to capture the depth of deep sadness! I trusted you! I defended ts all the time against people who were saying you were no better! I feel betrayed, humiliated, used, stupid, ignorant and utterly destroyed! If I feel like this I can only imagine how B.A.P's parents, family, close friends and B.A.P themselves feel! T_T B.A.P I am deeply sorry for ignorantly accepting all of your hard work carelessly not knowing the painful, suffocating, lonely and terrifying time you have been going through! This noona has failed you badly. T_T Why?! Why ts?! My babies! I am overwhelmed with all I have read! I am appalled and sickened! This is the first time I have been on in a while due to unfortunate circumstances but that is not important. Ts you have run a sword through my chest and I do not think I will ever recover. My babies suffering all this time in silence yet giving us Babyz 1200% never showing their true distress. I could not stop crying, literally spent like fifteen minutes trying to calm down. Passing out from exhaustion, being coerced  into performing, having your parents cursed at, not seeing your parents for more than ten minutes and even then not much of seeing them, having your phones confiscated, leaving under poor conditions, and on top of everything no financial proof, not even of BEP (breaking even point) of all that hard work! They have every damn right to see financial gain and loses ts! You want B.A.P to stay in debt anyway cause it is more convenient for you! Now I am hella angry again!!! I actually screamed in frustration when I was done gathering information today! Save your damn cheap essays on trying to turn this onto B.A.P and want to sin them in a bad light! I will NOT, We will NOT believe such tripe! Why not provide B.A.P with financial documents before they asked?! Cause money is all you give a damn about! For B.A.P it really isn't about money, though they have every right to it and more, it is about mistrust and abuse! B.A.P has given you everything and have nothing to show for it! Do not even say canceling South American tour and some shows would have covered the mysterious "debt" still owed! Oooh I want to fly to South Korea and burn your building down! But that would be detrimental to B.A.P's cause and they do not need any bad publicity than what you are trying to do! Sigh, Babyz and to all fandoms supporting B.A.P, I send all of my Love Thanks, and Hugs because we need it. God knows I need it. T_T B.A.P needs all the Love, positive vibes and support we can lend. B.A.P I love you with every fiber of my being and I pray that everything will work out well. It lifts my spirits to know you did this together as a group. Knowing you have each other is comforting and gives me enormous strength. You have a global family marching behind you as strong as steel and with unwavering hearts! It take immense courage and heart to do what the six of you are doing. Light always triumphs over darkness my loves! SARANGHE B.A.P ETERNALLY A PROUD BABY! =,)
    There’s a mountain before you
    One you feel you can never climb
    The distance is frightening,
    but I know you can make it to the other side
    If only you try
    I’ve seen the strength
    that you carry inside
    I’ve seen the will, the passion
    the fight in your eyes
    I’ve witnessed your ambition
    I know you can do it one more time

    You can do anything
    You can be anyone
    You can be happy, too
    But first you must believe
    in the power of you
    You’re powerful,
    valuable, beautiful and brave
    And I know that you know
    you can make it through tomorrow
    if you can get through today;
    I will be there for you
    every step of the way
    I do not know who wrote this but thanks it conveys so much! <3

    • LuminousLilith
      LuminousLilith 2 года назад

      To all of my very Precious Irreplaceable Babyz, HAPPY NEW YEAR! FELIZ AñO NUEVO! I Love and admire you all! <3 I apologize for being extremely late but circumstances suck. My wish is for all of you to find your true happiness and place in this confusing maddened world, that you find warmth and peace, to experience the purest of loves and that it may last for an eternity and that we can always cherish B.A.P no matter where they end up or if they cannot remain as B.A.P. I will not allow negative thoughts to enter my heart because I have faith our six Amazing Warriors will find their true happiness and be successful in life no matter the odds! This year will definitely be brighter and better and electric and cosmic for B.A.P and Babyz! <3 Ottoke I want to cry...but I said I would think happy thoughts and remember together we stand untied we soar! #foreverwithbabyz #ForeverWithBAP  

    • Ely Bang #BAP
      Ely Bang #BAP 2 года назад

      JML late, I'm even more late. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I love you girls stay safe and I wish a bright path for all of you babyz and B.A.P. May love, health, good luck and the best of the best come to you

    • Rain Sound1004
      Rain Sound1004 2 года назад

      unnn thank you so sweet, and I'm also very thankful that I have met you babyz, I know everybody think that we are weird, (I guess I prefer weird people than normal ones) you guys always make my day Thank you babyz. Babyz I wish you the best for next year y los que siguen, same for B.A.P I want this to end in a good way for my 6 angels

    • Just Love Music!
      Just Love Music! 2 года назад

      I'm really late but Thank you! I hope you all had a great Christmas/Feliz Navidad!  I wish you all a Happy New Year/ Feliz Año Nuevo (early this time)! I wish you all the best for the new year and would like to say how THANKFUL I am to have met you babyz! This is a big deal reason being, I don't really have Kpop Friends and no one really understands the love I have for B.A.P! So I am so happy that I found that on youtube and have friends through Youtube (is that silly to think)! Thank you Times infinity! I hope we can still be friends in the future babyz! Big hugs to all and much love! Have fun on New years eve and sleep the next day! Did I say Thank you? Lol Much Love babyz and stay strong!!!!!!!!! +Rain Sound1004 +Ely Bang #ForeverWithBAP  +LuminousLilith 

    • LuminousLilith
      LuminousLilith 2 года назад

      +M Smith
       B.A.P are just sighhhh forbidden fantasies. ;) lol

  • asmaa elkalai
    asmaa elkalai 2 года назад

    We all know that if you're going to debut these girls you will treat them exactly the way you treated our B.A.P . Don't even bother to do that. Behind their smiles there will be something sad that you will create,dear TS. You're just so fucking stupid,heartless and selfish. I just see how this will gonna happen : Promoting them till debut and forget about B.A.P's situation. / You finally debut them and you let them 2-3 years,like you did with B.A.P, 3 whole tiring years, NO REST, NO TIME, NO RIGHTS. And this is how these girls are destroying their future with TS. And we still say that SM is the worst company ever. Please.Maybe SM is treating their idols bad, like it says, but I honestly don't think that so. You just don't look at them ? They always seem happy,no one of them sues SM till now just because they didn't receive the money and the treatment that was promised and etc. You always see them dressing up nicely, and why ? Because SM is still fair here,I think. They pay ENOUGH their idols to be happy and to buy what they want in their daily life. You see them with nice clothes,nice airport fashions, they always have the newest and smartest phones and all of this, that doesn't need to be mentioned. B.A.P worked like hell for 3 WHOLE YEARS and they still don't get what they deserve! Excuse me, but, who the fxxk do think you are,TS ? You are too hungry that you are eating their money to stop that war in your stomach ? Please,if you're not gonna give them ALL THE MONEY AND ALL THE RESPECT THEY NEED,and this needs to happen very soon, LIKE I SAID,YOUR COMPANY WILL DIE. this war isn't ended. WE STILL CONTINUE TO PROTECT OUR BABIES AND THEIR RIGHTS! WE WILL LEARN YOU THE REAL MEANING OF THE WORLD ' JUSTICE ' . Just wait . We are prepared. B.A.P has each other,their families,their former staffs,their managers,their friends and their worldwide fanbase and most loyal ( which you lose, TS ),while you have ? Nothing!
    Oh,excuse me,you have money. Well,enjoy your time playing with them in your hands because they will fly away from you like a bird. Money doesn't stay all life with you. TS,learn to lose because this war,that you started ...WE WILL GONNA WIN! WE GOT THE POWER! WE WILL BE THE GODS OF THIS WAR ! JUSTICE ! ‪#‎JusticeForBAP‬ ‪#‎ForeverWithBAP‬ [ - sorry for poor english

  • Ely Bang #BAP
    Ely Bang #BAP 2 года назад

     I trusted you I thought you were the best company....but you are so heartless... I was so blind

  • Gabby010597
    Gabby010597 2 года назад

    TS you're unhuman, i hope B.A.P wins the lawsuit and goes to company that actually APPRECIATE their artists.. that's all i have to say... hope SECRET, UNTOUCHABLE and Sooyeon leaves too.

  • jinjer washington
    jinjer washington 2 года назад

    you suck ass for what you did to B.A.P.

    YTMYHANH LE 2 года назад

    what happ.

  • Rhys Crowell
    Rhys Crowell 2 года назад

    other than secret what other major group do you have? you arent yg or sm if you loose a major group you dont have a lot of big name groups to pick up the slack for you. #foreverwithbap  

  • Cyndaquil
    Cyndaquil 2 года назад

    #JusticeForBAP !

  • BAP Busan WonBin
    BAP Busan WonBin 2 года назад

    Trust Broken, it never be repaired, TS, please learn humanity instead of craving for money. Our (all babys and warriorz) trust and support towards B.A.P 6 members grow even stronger. B.A.P please stay strong together as 6, even it's hard, #ForeverwithBAP

  • NyanPop
    NyanPop 2 года назад

    Ive always trusted in you that you would take care of my favourite group, B.A.P, I actually thought you would be different and treasure them like normal people yet you just treat them like slaves.

    Shame on you and I wish TS a life time of bad luck, I hope all your trainees and Idols leave this shitty company.
     I hope that B.A.P would win the lawsuit to live happier lives. I can't stand seeing them so weak and vulnerable

  • Angelica Vega
    Angelica Vega 2 года назад

    Shame on you. Really.

  • Yulia Aristy Arini
    Yulia Aristy Arini 2 года назад

    The Shittiest Entertainment, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! 

  • sayu varene
    sayu varene 2 года назад

    all the time, i never love you but i never hate you i only love B.A.P, but now i'll hate you 

  • Courie N
    Courie N 2 года назад

    I'm so very disappointed in you TSEnt and very angry, we've spent so much to support B.A.P because we love those boys and you decide to treat them like slaves even though they always work hard and are good kids. I don't know how you expected B.A.P to tolerate you treating them so badly but I hope you pay for you did!

  • Ely Bang #BAP
    Ely Bang #BAP 2 года назад

    You're a fucking shit of company

  • RochelleyBaby
    RochelleyBaby 2 года назад

    B.A.P .... BABYz love you

  • 1314Mayday
    1314Mayday 2 года назад


  • 다이아몬드
    다이아몬드 2 года назад

    When Sonamoo going to debut? Didn't we wait enough already? 

    • Hazuki
      Hazuki 2 года назад

      stay tune? reddit fanclub at http://reddit.com/r/SonAmoo/

  • Alan Sakurai
    Alan Sakurai 2 года назад

    Send to TS entertainment SONAMOO rappers of what to ZoPD.

  • Julio Ancieta
    Julio Ancieta 2 года назад

    will postpone the concert ??? 
    there will be another date for the concert in Argentina ?? (hallytrend)

  • Tefi Secrettime
    Tefi Secrettime 3 года назад

    ya que 효성 y  송지은 son solistas pienso que podrian hacer una sub-unidad en SECRET de 하나 y 한선화, que sea sexy, a parte creo que quedaría bien poruqe  que 하나 es rapera y 한선화. ya que 효성 y  송지은 son solistas. no se si les interesa pero tengo una canción que quedaría bien para 하나  y 젤로.

  • BamBam's Future Girlfriend
    BamBam's Future Girlfriend 3 года назад

    HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY ZELO!!!...I remember seeing him as the cute maknae when he debut with yongguk and know he is a handsome young man!

    ASTRID SK 3 года назад

    I wish I could audition for this company, I was filling in the official website that made all the questions but the shit part of the photos and video I could not load anything other means to audition me. GREETINGS FROM VENEZUELA 

    • Wonho's Ramyun
      Wonho's Ramyun 2 года назад

      +ASTRID SK
       It is everywhere, ask people on the internet. Writing in caps is BAD, IT IS FUCKING BAD.

      Do you like being screamed at in real life or what? Do you like when people scream at you? Besides of that, it ihurts my eyes. So this is why i stop now to respond. I'm DONE!

      ASTRID SK 2 года назад



    • Wonho's Ramyun
      Wonho's Ramyun 2 года назад

      well good luck with this shit-company btw.

    • Wonho's Ramyun
      Wonho's Ramyun 2 года назад

      +ASTRID SK
       wow girl i can't understand you and you know that writing in caps actually means "shouting" at someone angry, right?

      ASTRID SK 2 года назад





      AH! BY desert I AM A GIRL CHAO

  • 이성민
    이성민 3 года назад

    TS에 바라는건데, BAP 1004 그 KBS에서 소개한 영상보니 분명 댄스 버전 뮤직비디오도 있는 것 같은데 그건 왜 안올려주시나요? 그게 더 보고 싶단 말이예요. 제발 댄스 버전 1004 뮤직비디오 좀 올려주세요. 분명히 MV 만들때 댄스버전만 따로 찍은 것도 있으시잖아요.ㅠㅠ

    K-PAI DMT 3 года назад

    Could you please put the BAP video "Excuse Me - Japanese Version" up on this channel as well? It's not getting enough views on the BAPofficialJP channel.

    • Gita bzlo
      Gita bzlo 3 года назад

      ya..... I think you're right if TS upload all about BAP Japan MV in this Channnel, the MV can get more viewers

  • LE
    LE 3 года назад

    시크릿 아임인러브 MV에 한글로 태그가 제대로 안되어있나요? 아임인러브라고 검색하면 로엔꺼만 뜨네요. 시크릿이라고 검색하면 두번에 한번정도 TS채널 뮤비가 뜨고...

  • Tiny Teeny
    Tiny Teeny 3 года назад

    Secret's comeback is kickass XD thank you :)

  • Diana Sánchez
    Diana Sánchez 3 года назад

    Could you do a B.A.P Tour in Mexico? PLEASE!

  • Ciara O'toole
    Ciara O'toole 3 года назад


  • pdt prh
    pdt prh 3 года назад

    bap bangkok attack I wait video upload.........

  • pokopori
    pokopori 3 года назад

    TSENT, please send BAP to Canada next time!  We would love to see them live too :)

  • Srogajola
    Srogajola 3 года назад

    Please give BAP some free time. They need to rest. They look so exhausted lately.

  • Ania Hyung
    Ania Hyung 3 года назад


  • pokopori
    pokopori 3 года назад

    정대현 생일축하합니다!

    Happy BirthDae!

  • แป้ง ปาย
    แป้ง ปาย 3 года назад


  • sinchong8
    sinchong8 3 года назад

    이번 비에이피 노래 들어보니 사장이 미쳤나보다.. 대체 이딴 노래 발표한 이유가 뭔데?강김은 비에이피 말아먹으려고 작정했냐? 강김은 신인전용이고 요즘 가요계추세를 전혀 감 못잡고 있다. 제발 비에이피하고 시크릿은 강김하고 좀 멀어지자. 응?! 시크릿은 용형이나 이단옆차기가 잘 맞을 것 같다. 요번 효성이 잘 나가는 거 봐라.

  • Lyra Qyra
    Lyra Qyra 3 года назад

    would you uploads B.A.P dance practice video??? I miss them TT_____TT

  • Chanatip Chueamvarasart
    Chanatip Chueamvarasart 3 года назад

    Please upload 1004 practice dance. Pleaseeeeeeeee.

  • Wareeuck Tahan
    Wareeuck Tahan 3 года назад

    B.A.P ATTACK ? ; v ; 

  • Shamz Rita
    Shamz Rita 3 года назад

    I just wanted to do a shout out to B.A.P, thank you guys so much for coming to the UK. You have inspired me so much through your music and hard-work and I really hope to see you again! B.A.P fightingg!!!  

  • Maron Sabrina
    Maron Sabrina 3 года назад

    Thank you so much for bringing them finally to Germany  DEUTSCHLAND 
    And to YongGuk:  You who  told us  the different between World und Continent Tour.
    Hahahaha~  And hopefully all of them had fun in Düsseldorf.
    I hope there come again to Deutschland . 
    Maybe next time to Dortmund  *winking at YongGuk*  Borussia BVB09 - Dortmund
    Das Westfalen Stadium :D 

    Now in German for Daehyun to learn HAHA  speaking German like a Pro.Hope he will see that message :D
    Ich hoffe, es hat euch bei uns gefallen.  Wäre nett wenn ihr wieder kommen würdet.
    Ich habe viele Deutsche wirklich glücklich gemacht und euer Deutsch war wirklich gut.
    Auch wenn HimChan  uns wirklich gut verwirrt hat. HAHA
    Ich denke als Deutsche musste ich einfach mal in Deutsch schreiben 
    Kamsahabnida   Danke schön aus tiefsten Herzen an euch ! ♥ 

  • Tiny Teeny
    Tiny Teeny 3 года назад

    Thank you for releasing Hyusong "first single" XD

  • lovelessnicichan
    lovelessnicichan 3 года назад

    The Conzert in Germany was the best absolute perfect Conzert ever...... Love you  sooooo much ..... i can't tell you how much !!! <3  I hope you had a great time in Germany !!!!!!!  <3

  • so ackward
    so ackward 3 года назад

    Happy Birthday Himchan!!  

  • Thaiane Fernandes
    Thaiane Fernandes 3 года назад

    TS! Eng subs, guys. Subs! Please. Not just for B.A.P, but, srsly, we need subs~ Also, B.A.P could totally attack Brasil. Just saying. 

  • gloria angel
    gloria angel 3 года назад

    that I wanted to audition

  • gloria angel
    gloria angel 3 года назад

    I wonder if they are auditioning for a group of girls 

  • nae lida
    nae lida 3 года назад

    DEAR TS, can you make an ENGLISH SUBS for B.A.P's Video? YOU guys have A LOT, A LOT international fans... And the other company already did it even their international fans is less than B.A.P had... I think many BABY have the same thought... And, hired a english subbers doesn't make you broke, right? PLEASE make this thought as a serious consideration.... 

    PS : I think you also must considered for hire a new video graphics designer or anything for media thing... I must say that you guys are left behind comparing with other's media...
    I say this because I LOVE B.A.P and hope the best for them.... Thank you

  • so ackward
    so ackward 3 года назад

    Happy Birthday Bang Yongguk!! Please have an awesome B-Day, with much love from Babies all over the world.:):)  

  • LuminousLilith
    LuminousLilith 3 года назад

    I know I'm late, sowwy BYG! Happy Birthday Yongguk! Feliz cumpleaños Yongguk! Yongguk, saeng-il chukahae! (Hope I got the Korean one right please accept my apologies if I don't)...Oppa I wish you all the Beautiful things and Goodies this Earth has to offer! I wish you Great Health, I wish you Eternal Love, I wish you Plentiful Success in all your endeavors!...Ottoke, I want to say so much, Yongguk you possess something that most people lack today, a Huge Compassionate Strong Loving Heart! Always raising awareness to injustice, poverty and oppression throughout the world. You're an Inspiration personally and professionally! Such dedication, continuously, vigorously and yet you never complain.You're a real Leader not only in B.A.P but as a Man! You are a True Artist with Amazing Talent and endless possibilities! Listening to you, watching you, following you is my Precious Privilege! I get so Emotional observing your growth in so many ways. Oppa, you're family must be Proud just like us Babies are so damn Proud of you! I know without a doubt you will Achieve all your Heart's Desires because Wholeheartedly you Deserve Happiness and Respect being the Beautiful human being you unquestionably are! Please Never change! =,,)...Thank you for Always giving it 200% in everything you do! Your songs and lyrics speak to my very soul!...I Love you! Saranghe! Te Amo! Victory! <3 
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  • 于晓瑞
    于晓瑞 3 года назад

    let b.a.p come to CHINA to hold a fanmeeting or concert. It's important. Pay attention!

  • 于晓瑞
    于晓瑞 3 года назад

    where is the dance of 1004 in practise room?

  • 于晓瑞
    于晓瑞 3 года назад


  • music_saranghae
    music_saranghae 3 года назад

    In the MV for B.A.P.'s "One Shot," the sound cuts out at 3:35. Why is that? It use to work and then one day, it just stopped. Mind fixing that?

    AMY HUMAIRA 3 года назад

    I need LIVE ON EARTH INDONESIA T------T It sickening me to wait for them held the concert here. TS plssssssssssss T-------T

  • Luna Angel
    Luna Angel 3 года назад

    (@TS_Enter) that One Shot MV is blocked ( from 3:35 ) plz TS MUST FIX IT !! T^T 

  • Tiny Teeny
    Tiny Teeny 3 года назад

    TS, please let Secret have more MV. I miss them like HELL!
    AND Hana needs more regonitions and activities.

  • JolinCai
    JolinCai 3 года назад

    thanks for coming to europe for the world tour, I am waiting for the release of more informations : ) greetings from germany ~

  • J.S Goh
    J.S Goh 3 года назад

    Ts ent, We need SECRET comeback it is time for BAP to rest for a short while..

  • chigujeongbok
    chigujeongbok 3 года назад

    I know we missed the deadline for reaching 3 million for 1004 but can we still get the Dance Practice video? Please please?? :D

  • Temvvlen Batsvkh
    Temvvlen Batsvkh 3 года назад

    TS Ts we reached 3 millions in 1004 MV so could you please upload the dance practice :)) We're waiting for that :))

  • Mrs. Princess
    Mrs. Princess 3 года назад

    Hey B.A.P can u please get a voice translater

  • asri arch
    asri arch 3 года назад

    Calling all BABY's to vote/support BAP for their #4th WIN on Music Show,HWAITING!!!!

  • Nicole C.
    Nicole C. 3 года назад

    ¡Vamos por los 3 millones de visitas para 1004! 

  • mira733
    mira733 3 года назад

    I am very pissed!! Can't you give Himchan more lines to sing?? That's so unfair for him. His voice is amazing..

  • zelo bang
    zelo bang 3 года назад

    love the NEW aLbum  oF B.A.P maknae

  • Roby Borsh
    Roby Borsh 3 года назад

    Is there a dance ver for the mv angel 1004 ? We want to it please :3

  • so ackward
    so ackward 3 года назад

    Happy Birthday Jongup :):)    

  • Cambo Slice
    Cambo Slice 3 года назад

    i demand a zelo solo

  • Adriana Tafuri
    Adriana Tafuri 3 года назад

    brazil = luv B.A.P #BABYZ O/

  • seayang14
    seayang14 3 года назад

    20 minutes left?!

  • Ed Potter
    Ed Potter 3 года назад

    half an hour more... but i already start to hit refresh button for like million times already!!! xD

  • Xhaion Calioncyshi
    Xhaion Calioncyshi 3 года назад

    1 more hour right???

    • Kat Lee
      Kat Lee 3 года назад

      7 minutes 

  • Sydney Le Tissier
    Sydney Le Tissier 3 года назад

    I'm refreshing by browser ever other second!! Can't take the anticipation!! x"D

  • Chantal Kodde
    Chantal Kodde 3 года назад

    Can you please tell me when is Sensibility out??

    • Chantal Kodde
      Chantal Kodde 3 года назад


    • ely skye
      ely skye 3 года назад

      Where do you live? It depends on timezone but it's supposed to come out the 3rd (the 2nd if u live in america)

  • Carmen Jiménez
    Carmen Jiménez 3 года назад

    B.A.P come to SPAIN ! pleasee~ ♥_♥

    DAEFATTY 3 года назад

    waiting for the previews of the songs of first sensibility! :-) 

  • so ackward
    so ackward 3 года назад

    Happy two year debut B.A.P!! Your Babies love you.:):)  

  • so ackward
    so ackward 3 года назад

    Happy Birthday Youngjae!!:):)  

  • Janine Frei
    Janine Frei 3 года назад

    5 more minutes until their teaser comes out